Monday, November 16, 2009

At this column i would like to say thanks for those who support us since the 1st issue is published.And for those who sent us their article for the 3rd issue.we really appreciated it.Thanks a lot.Keep on supporting.And also to those who want to buy our lunatics start from the 1st can email us youraddress and phone number at our email, again.!

By,Gila Kata.

Gila Kata mula bercerita.

"kenapa mesti ada cinta dalam kehidupan manusia?"

Semalam Gila Kata berlegar legar sepanjang jalan di kawasan perumahannya.untuk mencari sebanyak mana ilham yang akan diperolehi bagi issue yang akan dipublish seterusnya.Kosong minda kosong fikiran.mana kau?Berlegar legar seperti tiada pangkal jalan.hendak ditaip semuanya kosong.hendak dimulakan tetapi mcm mana?sering aku nmpak pasangan berloving2.teringat kisah lama.bila lagi?hmm.ntah lahh.seperti aku katakan.cinta itu buta.tapi sampai bila hendak digunakan metafora aku sendiri dan sering menidakkan apa yang berlaku.yeah what goes around comes around.gembira dan bangga mengatakan bahawa jualan kami lunatics bagi issue pertama dan kedua.lakuu woo.Bagi issue ketiga gila kata dan si karut masih lagi berperah otak bagi menyiapkan ia.Angin petang hari, jadi couple aku ptg itu.still tak dapat idea serta ilham yang dicari.Tiba tiba ternampak budak perempuan mengejar budak lelaki."awak2 kita nak bola tuh".tetiba senyum terpancar.tak tahu kenapa.tetiba rasa nak senyum.2 minit 43 saat kemudian..ilham yang dicari muncul di benak fikiran.jadi nak buat apa?siapkan article wahai Gila Kata.haha.On computer mula menaip dan dimulakan dengan menekan huruf W.

p/s:Buy our 3rd issue buyers.The combination words of Gila Kata and Si Karut

Gila kata :)

saya ingin mengganas.

harap kalian terhibur dengan pertunjukan stripping di atas:-
karut sudah taip :)

Friday, November 6, 2009

a little voice .

hey guys
i know it has been awhile .lunatic has succesfully published 2 zines.with all the support from our parents and friends .the third one is on its way.frankly ,we both still searching for the topic to talk on.btw,for lunatic we used the rojak word .that is what we are reflect as.we means the whole wide nations here in malaysia .we appreciate the comments and the few bucks that you guys have spent on every each of our issue.a whole loads of thanks from us lunatic:).i know you guys are still wondering who is karut and who is gila kata?so now lets the game begin!.

we decided to republish our 1st and 2nd issue since everyone is asking for it.
i bet they are deligted by "virginity"issue.haha.
on the other hand.we are engaging young dudes and babes to enjoy reading .bcos we believe that our zine is what the young ones wants to read?
Baiscaly,the issues is like "hot boiling soup".
orders is now open for readers to get lunatic the 3rd karut reporting live from her favourite corner in her room:).
so long:)

we love you readers:)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

civilisation needed.

ignore the chatbox
3rd issue will be publish as soon as si karut and gila kata done with the finals.
so please bear with it.
i repeat zine will be only out for sale for 2wice a month.
you can make an order for the 3rd issue from today.:)
add us at
to place an order.

si karut.


lunatic zine akan terhasil 2wice a month

the 3rd will be out as soon as we both done with our finals.
good luck people from lunatic

Saturday, October 17, 2009

terms and policy.

for those who wants to order through mailing ,we charge extra 2.oo for the post laju.
kindly post us the amount of money within 3 days which is after you made the order.
we accept orders all over malaysia.
si karut:)
Thank you Mr.Fhil :)

Si karut has inform Gila Kata that her tuisyen teacher which is Mr.Fhil ordered 30 copies of the 2nd issue of Lunatics :)

Thankyou so much!
Start the machine and click print! :D

By:Gila Kata
okay guys.lunatic issue 2 is already out for sale.
Get it while stock last!
Limited 30 copies :)

p/s:But for those who still want to order our second issue,we will print it more.Just email us at you :)

-By Gila Kata
The topics of the 2nd issue!

-The Queen of Blonde
-Why are you sooo obsessed with me?
-Giving Space
-Exit is on the left
-Bloomass Places
-There's no sign of it
-Berdirinya pembuat nota-nota Ritma
-Unleash your childhood moments!
-Word of the month!
-The closet
-Sweet Tooth Joys
-Life and style of childhood snacks and munchies
-Forgive and Forget
-Our momma Stuff is back on sale!
-Lunatic popcorn and Soda!

By:Gila Kata

Monday, October 12, 2009

bang bang.

2nd issue is out for sale
we won't release our 3rd issue until all of us are done with our finals
so hurry up and purchase our 2nd issue
lots of cool topic.
hurry up while stock last!!!
mail us at to make an order!!.

si karut:)

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Sorry guys! Comic tak dpt dimasukkan untuk issue kedua ni diatas sebab ketiadaan pelukis...ada idea?or nk join ktorang utk jdi pelukis comic? contact cepat kerna kami mmg memerlukan idea2 anda..sila contact apa yg telah tertera ye utk memudahkan kerja kami...terima ksih!

Monday, October 5, 2009

hurry up.

anyone nak order zine lunatic for the second issue
hurry up!!,
do include us your
house address
contact num ,
while making an order,.

all by si karut


-is about life.

2.why are you so obsessed with me?-young girls with their current obsession (boyfriends)

3.exit is on the left-sex maniac

4.unleash your childhood moments.-chances to get another 1o years young.

5.berdirinya pembuat nota-nota ritma-interview with najho the new born indie people.

first task.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

ampun maaf.

second issue will be out for sale next week.
we are still working on it .we have increase our team mates.there's 4 of us.
2 girls and 1 dudes.

i'm glad to know that everyone loves the v.i.r.g.i.n.i.t.y issue.
and mr fhil which is si karut tuition teacher ordered 30 copies for his students reading material.
thanx a lot mr fhil.::)

Monday, September 28, 2009


bisnes seems to go well.insyallah next issue will be out for sale next week:)

Saturday, September 26, 2009


fifi 's myspace-
sab's myspace

part of the page

sebahagian dari fanzine kami:)

Friday, September 25, 2009

first issue.

first issue is out for sale.for starting we only print 16 copies.
consist 14 pages.6 cool topics.
highlighted issue"virginity"

it will only cost you rm 1.00 -promotional price.
for the next sale it will be rm3.oo
we appreciate your support,

mac and cheese .

is all started when fifi ate a piece of fried mac and cheese .she told her super duper lala her niat to work on this superb project which is publishing the magazine and then they both decided to named it hey we're the lunatics!

lunatic .fm