Friday, November 6, 2009

a little voice .

hey guys
i know it has been awhile .lunatic has succesfully published 2 zines.with all the support from our parents and friends .the third one is on its way.frankly ,we both still searching for the topic to talk on.btw,for lunatic we used the rojak word .that is what we are reflect as.we means the whole wide nations here in malaysia .we appreciate the comments and the few bucks that you guys have spent on every each of our issue.a whole loads of thanks from us lunatic:).i know you guys are still wondering who is karut and who is gila kata?so now lets the game begin!.

we decided to republish our 1st and 2nd issue since everyone is asking for it.
i bet they are deligted by "virginity"issue.haha.
on the other hand.we are engaging young dudes and babes to enjoy reading .bcos we believe that our zine is what the young ones wants to read?
Baiscaly,the issues is like "hot boiling soup".
orders is now open for readers to get lunatic the 3rd karut reporting live from her favourite corner in her room:).
so long:)

we love you readers:)

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